Badminton Skill Development

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Lesson Plan: Introduction to Badminton

Subject: Physical Education

Year Level: Year 12

Duration: 60 minutes

Class Size: 27 students


Learning Objectives

- Develop fundamental badminton skills focusing on footwork, serves, smashes, and net play.
- Understand the rules and scoring system in badminton.
- Enhance teamwork and strategic thinking through doubles play.

Curriculum Alignment

This lesson aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum for Physical Education at NCEA Level 2, focusing on:
- Achievement Objective PE2.3: "Participate in physical activity and explain factors that influence people’s participation."
- Strand D – Physical Activity: Develop skills through a range of physical activities.

Resources Needed

- Badminton rackets
- Shuttlecocks
- Badminton net
- Court markers
- Scoreboards

Lesson Plan

Introduction (10 minutes)

1. Briefing on Objectives and Safety
- Discuss the goals for today’s lesson.
- Review safety guidelines to prevent injuries (proper footwear, racket handling, and spatial awareness).

Warm-up (10 minutes)

1. Dynamic Stretching (5 minutes)
- Guide students through dynamic stretching focusing on arms, legs, and neck.
2. Light Jog and Footwork Drills (5 minutes)
- Perform a light jog around the court.
- Practice agility ladder drills to improve foot speed and coordination.

Skill Development (20 minutes)

1. Basic Shots and Footwork (10 minutes)
- Demonstrate basic strokes (clear, drop, and smash).
- Drill students in footwork techniques essential for badminton: chassé steps, lunges, and pivots.
- Pair students to practice returning shuttlecocks using different strokes.

2. Serving and Net Play (10 minutes)
- Explain the rules related to serving in singles and doubles.
- Show techniques for short and long serves.
- Practice net shots and demonstrate how to control the shuttle to make tight net plays.

Game Play (15 minutes)

1. Modified Badminton Games (15 minutes)
- Organise students into doubles teams.
- Set up a round-robin tournament format where each team plays against others in short matches (7 points to win).
- Focus on the application of the skills learnt in the session.

Cool Down and Reflection (5 minutes)

1. Cool-down Stretches (3 minutes)
- Lead the class through a series of static stretches focusing on the shoulders, arms, and legs.

2. Group Reflection and Feedback (2 minutes)
- Gather students and discuss what they learnt about badminton.
- Encourage feedback on the techniques and game play.
- Reinforce the importance of regular practice to improve skills.


Evaluation and Assessment

- Observe students during drills and games to assess their grasp of skills and techniques.
- Use peer assessment during doubles play to develop evaluative skills and enhance learning.
- Collect feedback on the lesson's effectiveness and areas of student interest for deeper exploration in future classes.

This lesson plan provides Year 12 students with a comprehensive introduction to badminton, considering skill development, applied learning, and alignment with the New Zealand Curriculum in Physical Education.
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