New Zealand Migration History

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why did people migrate to new zealand
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Lesson Plan: Why Did People Migrate to New Zealand?

Subject: New Zealand History

Year Level: Year 4

Duration: 40 Minutes

Class Size: 26 Students

Curriculum Area and Level

This lesson is designed for Year 4 students in accordance with the Social Sciences area of the New Zealand Curriculum. It targets objectives from Level 2, which involves understanding how cultural interactions impact on cultures and societies.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
1. Identify key reasons why people have migrated to New Zealand throughout history.
2. Understand the diverse origins of New Zealand’s population.
3. Connect historical migration reasons to the present-day multicultural composition of New Zealand.

Resources Needed

- Interactive whiteboard or a projector.
- Access to the internet preferably with a device per student or pair.
- Printed worksheets with a timeline and map of New Zealand.
- Storybooks or articles on migration stories (optional).
- Coloured pencils and markers.

Pre-lesson Preparation

- Ensure all technological equipment is working and that the internet access is stable.
- Prepare and print out worksheets including maps of New Zealand and timelines.
- Gather books or printouts of migration stories suitable for Year 4 students.


Lesson Plan

Introduction (5 minutes)

1. Engaging Question: Start with the question “What do you think are some reasons people might decide to move to another country?” Allow a few students to answer to spark interest.
2. Objective Sharing: Explain today’s objectives and what they will learn about New Zealand’s history.

Main Activity (25 minutes)

1. Interactive Presentation (10 minutes): Use a digital slideshow to introduce the concept of migration. Cover:
- Early Polynesian migration and discovery of New Zealand.
- European exploration and colonisation.
- Migration in the 20th and 21st centuries, including from Asia, the Pacific, and other parts of the world.
- Link to TKI Resources on Migration

2. Group Activity (15 minutes):
- Worksheet Task: Students are given a worksheet with a timeline and a blank map of New Zealand.
- They are to mark significant migration events on the timeline and map based on the presentation.
- Discuss as a class, helping to fill in any gaps and ensuring understanding.

Discussion (5 minutes)

1. Connecting Past and Present: Discuss how these historical migrations affect how New Zealand is today. Emphasise the multicultural aspect of New Zealand’s society.
2. Personal Connections: If feasible, students can share any stories of migration in their own families.

Conclusion (5 minutes)

1. Recap: Quickly recap the key reasons discussed for migration to New Zealand.
2. Homework/Extension: Students can interview someone they know who has migrated to New Zealand and prepare a short report on their findings.


Assessment Criteria

- Participation in class discussions.
- Accuracy in completing the worksheets.
- Understanding shown in the connection between historical migration and modern New Zealand.

Additional Notes

- Ensure that all students are engaged and encourage quieter students during discussions.
- Be sensitive to the diverse backgrounds of students; ensure that the discussion respects all cultures and backgrounds.

This lesson plan ensures that students not only learn about the historical contexts of migration to New Zealand but also relate these contexts to the present multicultural makeup of the country, fulfilling both historical and social learning objectives according to the New Zealand Curriculum for Social Sciences at Level 2.
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