Sun and Sun Safety

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Lesson Plan: The Sun and its Effects

Teacher: [Your Name]

Subject: Science

Year Level: 3

Duration: 30 minutes

Number of Students: 23

Date: [Specify Date]


Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan is designed to align with the New Zealand Curriculum for Science at Level 1 and 2, focusing on the "Physical World" and "Planet Earth and Beyond" strands. It particularly addresses the achievement objectives related to understanding the interactions between the Earth and the Sun.
- Science in the New Zealand Curriculum


Learning Objectives:

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
1. Describe the basic properties of the Sun.
2. Understand the Sun’s role in providing light and warmth to Earth.
3. Recognise the importance of the Sun for life on Earth.
4. Explain simple safety measures to protect against harmful effects of the Sun.


Resources Needed:

- Computer and projector or Smartboard for video and presentation.
- Worksheets for students (included Sun facts and safety tips).
- Sun safety posters for the classroom.
- Books about the Sun suitable for Year 3 students.
- Model or pictures of the Solar System.


Lesson Outline:

Introduction (5 minutes)

1. Greeting and Settling In:
- Welcome students and introduce the topic: "Today, we’re going to learn about the Sun, our closest star!"

2. Engaging Question:
- Ask, "What do you know about the Sun?"
- Allow a few students to share their thoughts to stimulate interest.

Main Activity (20 minutes)

1. Interactive Presentation (10 minutes):
- Use a slide show to present basic facts about the Sun:
- Size and distance from Earth.
- Its role in providing daylight and warmth.
- Importance for plants (photosynthesis) and animals.
- Show a short, age-appropriate video about the Sun and its effects on Earth. Example Video: The Sun - Our Closest Star

2. Discussion and Q&A (5 minutes):
- Discuss the content of the video and presentation.
- Encourage questions from the students to deepen understanding.

3. Sun Safety Activity (5 minutes):
- Teach students about the importance of sun safety (wearing hats, using sunscreen).
- Distribute worksheets that include a sun safety checklist and fun facts about the Sun.

Conclusion (5 minutes)

1. Recap of Key Points:
- Quick review of what was learned about the Sun’s properties, its importance, and how to stay safe.

2. Interactive Q&A:
- A quick quiz-style review asking questions about the Sun to reinforce the day’s learning.

3. Closure:
- Remind students to always protect themselves from too much sun exposure.
- Announce that the next class will explore another element of our solar system.


- Sun Safety Poster: Assign students to create a poster about Sun safety tips as homework. Encourage creativity and the use of facts learned during the lesson.



- Observe student participation during discussions.
- Review answers from the quiz and worksheets to assess understanding.
- Assess the Sun safety posters to ensure comprehension of safety measures.


This detailed lesson plan is crafted to foster a comprehensive understanding of the Sun’s characteristics, its crucial role for life on Earth, and the essential habits of Sun safety among Year 3 students, aligned with New Zealand’s educational standards and curriculum requirements.
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