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Loved by 2000+ teachers
I love kuraplan, it helps me so much with my planning
I happened to come across this website on google... I used it to create three types of lesson plans for ideas. What I received was great and it covered all of the NZ Curriculum requirements. I will definitely share at a Team Meeting with colleagues.
It has many aspects that are great to use and incorporate. It follows both the curriculum and incorporates skill they require. It uses the appropriate vocabulary.
This was my first time using an AI generated plan and it was really good, way above my expectations
I love how Kuraplan grows my confidence teaching new things. I am starting to teach health and the curriculum connections, content, and structure are really helpful!
I love how Kuraplan asks to give details for the lesson plans I wanna generate and it had turned out so well. Love the details and structure I want it to be. Have shared Kuraplan to my fellow teacher colleagues on our practicum at the moment.
Kuraplan is amazing. I homeschool my highschool aged children and this has been so helpful. I've tried a few other AI platforms but I keep coming back to this one. It's the best.
I have been a teacher for 40 years and I never thought I would trust in AI to help me do my job! I am a convert. This platform is GOLD and has saved me hours on precious time.
This teacher resource tool is excellent! It also creates lessons in line with the content in the curriculum. The activities are engaging and interactive for learners and do not require expensive resources.
Great plans - very helpful
Unbelievable resource! 
It looks amazing and I already showed it to my teaching colleague and he was also very impressed. I have got a huge amount of planning so will definitely be using this going forward.
Absolutely love it
I thought the plan was specific to the request and certainly covered the area I want to teach. I absolutely love it and will be using it in the future.
Thank you so much
This was exactly what I was looking for. It allowed for me to differentiate across the year level groups that I was targeting and I was able to target this for my pasifika class and boys. What I liked the most was the links to other curriculum areas in particular our NZ Histories curriculum
Super relevant plans
I love that you have all the relevant information in terms of the: curriculum level, the strand, the achievement objectives and the lesson goals including links are there. They look like my lesson plans only generated in a fraction of the time I take.
This service is amazing
This is amazing. You’re saving a lot of teachers a lot of time.
Such a good tool!
It's so good having something that is so familiar with the NZC and the new NCEA standards. The lesson plans I’ve created so far have been really useful and I will definitely use it again!
Very useful
I really like the plan that was crafted for me! So great that it is in line with the NZC. I will certainly use frequently and share with my colleagues
Really loving the website
I'm really enjoying how I am being given alternatives to how I ordinarily teach. Also the inclusion of hands on learning is especially important for my learners in particular.
Massive time saver
It's an awesome website which has already saved me heaps of time planning new lessons!
A game changer for planning!
This tool sends ideas, strategies and even some websites. By using this it allows me time to refine the plan, more gives me more time to think about the delivery.
Absolutely Wonderful
The content is all relevant which is a great plus and the fact that is is trained off the NZ Curriculum is wonderful, so often things are American!

Lesson Plan Examples

Examples of Lesson Plans we've created for Teachers

Kia Ora Kiwi Kaiako!

Tired of wrestling with generic lesson planning tools that don't quite get the Kiwi way? We’ve been there too. That's exactly why we created Kuraplan, a lesson planning tool that’s designed specifically for New Zealand teachers from Year 1 all the way to Year 13 and NCEA.

Many AI tools, including big names like ChatGPT, are fantastic for generating content, but they often fall short when it comes to understanding the intricacies of our education system. They're trained predominantly on data from larger markets like the US, which means they might miss the mark on New Zealand’s unique curriculum needs and cultural nuances.

Like a more local cousin of ChatGPT 👋

With Kuraplan, we're changing that game. Whether you’re setting foundations for Year 1 students or preparing Year 13s for their NCEA assessments, this tool knows the local curriculum inside out. It helps you craft lesson plans that are not only relevant but also culturally resonant with New Zealand students.

Flexibility is at the heart of Kuraplan. It allows you to create detailed, customized lesson plans that cater to the diverse needs of your students. You can easily adjust content to align with both the academic standards required and the cultural touchpoints that make learning more meaningful for our kids.

We're super flexible 💪

Kuraplan is here to support you by ensuring that every lesson plan is up to par with the New Zealand educational standards. We provide a platform that is as open-ended or as structured as you need. You can add your personal flair to each plan, or lean on our robust automated suggestions for guidance.

This tool is about more than just compliance with educational norms; it’s about enriching the teaching and learning experience in ways that only a locally developed tool can. Kuraplan understands the journey from the first day of school to the last day of NCEA – and every teaching moment in between.

Ready to see the difference a home-grown lesson planning tool can make? Try Kuraplan and bring ease, relevance, and precision to your lesson planning. Here’s to empowering our educators and students alike with smarter, more sensitive educational tools!